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Cloud House in Phoenix

Cloud House in Phoenix is a new indoor play spot, with familiar toys and activities and a twist with STEM activities!

Jana Tingom

Cloud House in Phoenix is a new indoor play spot, with familiar toys and activities AND a twist with STEM activities!

There are two features that stand out at Cloud House. The first is the two story play structure! Kids will love climbing through the obstacles, and then sliding down the slides to a ball pit. We may have spend a good portion of our time in the ball pit, it was so fun!

Also, there’s a large, immersive sensory bin where kids (and adults!) can play with trucks, buckets, and small wooden cubes. We were curious about how play would pan out in this area, but enjoyed “making popcorn” and “sharing ice cream”.

The STEM activities rotate each week, and were so fun. When we visited it was bee week! There was an amazing sensory bin, a craft to make a beekeeper hat, a learning opportunity all about how bee pollen transfers from flower to bee to the hive, and more. Each table had a different activity, and they were all near the toys, so our 5 year old enjoyed switching it up by exploring and free play.

Along the walls of the play space at Cloud House are a play kitchen and grocery story, a beautiful play house, and a couple shelves with a kid size microscope and other options for hands on learning. The microscope was a huge hit for our daughter! A small enclosed area with age appropriate toys is also included for babies.

In the back of the area you’ll find seating for snack time, and snacks available for purchase. Restrooms are also in this area.

Definitely put Cloud House in Phoenix on your list to visit this summer! You can learn more on their website, and they are located at 15620 N Tatum Blvd Ste. 150, Phoenix, AZ 85032.

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