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Cirque Du Soliel, ‘Twas the Night Before

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Cirque Du Soliel, ‘Twas the Night Before is a holiday show, based on the classic poem “A Visit from Saint Nicolas” by Clement Clarke Moore. This is the second year Cirque Du Soliel has come to Phoenix!

Photo Booth

There was a photo booth set up in the lobby of the theater. There were multiple props that were also numerous items for sale at the merchandise table.

The Show

This show has everyone in the classic tale, from sugar-plums dancing, to Reindeer prancing! Cirque du Soleil is an acrobatic and live musical performance so the twist to the story is breathtaking. Without giving away too much let’s just say juggling, ballerinas, snow, twirling and a lot of “oh wow that’s amazing” comments for these acrobats!

Join Isabella, a young girl who thinks she has outgrown the Christmas magic, as she is whisked away to an upside-down, inside-out world of the poem where she meets colorful characters of this timeless classic.


My 6 year olds had a blast. One was speechless the whole show with big eyes, the other kept saying “that was amazing” Both kids have big plans for learning all the tricks. The show runs 85 minutes with no intermission. There are flashing lights and loud music throughout the show.

Basic Information

Arizona Financial Theater
400 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85003
December 15 – 24th, 2023
Tickets start at $50 for Cirque Du Soliel, ‘Twas the Night Before.
Parking is recommended at Adams Street Garage (between 4th and 5th avenue and Adams) Parking is $20.
Grab tickets to the show here.

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