Christy Cove Park in Phoenix

Christy Cove Park in Phoenix is a lesser known neighborhood park, but has a stellar feature: a rollercoaster type zipline! We have never found something like this in the Phoenix area, so it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for a different type of park experience.

The woodchip playground at Christy Cove consists of four climbing structures, four swings (two toddler), and the zip line. Two of the climbing structures are connected by the zipline. The zipline doesn’t actually ride from one side to the other, however. You or a friend will have to bring the zipline swing up the ramp for the next ride. Also note that the zipline can jerk a bit when descending, so hold on. One structure has a sweet two story design with a tube slide! The kids loved this part and were up and down constantly!

Our toddler liked the smaller playground, which had an appropriate sized slide and climbing wall. It’s actually really nice how all the playground equipment is close together. So if you have kids of multiple ages, you can keep tabs on everyone. The kids also like the triangle shaped structures (what are they called anyway?) It made for great “king of the hill” battles with our friends.

Some other great options around this park is Moon Valley Park, indoor play at Party Jungle, or hiking at Dreamy Draw.

Christy Cove Park in Phoenix has no restrooms and very little shade. A few benches are scattered around the playground, along with a nearby basketball court and sand volleyball court, and a small workout gym station near the parking lot. Walking trails around the grassy area complete the park. For restroom options, stop at the nearby Bashas at 32nd/Shea.

Christy Cove Park

2352 E Christy Dr

Phoenix, AZ 85028

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