Cholla Park in Scottsdale

Cholla Park in Scottsdale is off Frank Lloyd Wright and Via Linda. From playgrounds to fields to walking paths, there is alot of variety to entertain all the family members.


This sand playground is a fun spot to stop and get wiggles out in North Scottsdale. They have a toddler playground with cute details like planets, dinosaur bones, and the” spinning ball thingy” that my son could play for hours.

There are a duck and squirrel to ride. A great rock climbing wall, rope climbing wall, fun slide, and one toddler and one big kid swing. The most used piece of equipment any time we have been on is the spinner you can stand on!

There is not a sunshade over the playground, it can get hot. There is a shaded ramada next to the playground for cooling off.




Under a shaded ramada there is a water spout and lots of sand for kids to get muddy and build. Great place to bring those and toys and get messy.




On the playground you will find a Playworld Systems scan the tag. 



Cholla Park in Scottsdale has four drop in ramadas according to the website, but we found more: one next to the playground, one next to the pickleball courts, and 3 to the north side of the park. There were lots of picnic tables and benches throughout the park as well.


This park, ramada and pickleball courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. You do not need a reservation. If you are planning on having a catered event, inflatables or any specialty item they ask that you call the facility in advance to verify the company’s insurance information. For information reserving a field click here.



Getting Theree

There is a parking lot at the entrance we have always be able to park in. However I could see it getting full if too many games were going on. In which case there is a major commercial parking lot across the street or school to the south.

Cholla Park

11320 E. Via Linda

Scottsdale, AZ 85259


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