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Children’s Museum of Phoenix

If you go to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, you risk your kids wanting to come back again and again. The place is a lot of fun for all ages and has a ton of variety.

As you enter the museum the first exhibit you’ll come across is The Climber, a towering structure for children to climb in that ascends through all three stories of the building, invokes the imagination, and gives climbers a safe view of the people far below. In the atrium, you’ll also find an exhibit called ‘Whoosh!’,  which is a twisty collection of transparent tubes and coils, with air shooting through them. You put colorful scarves in at the openings down by the floor, and the rush of air shoots them through the maze of tubes and they fly into the air twenty-some feet up, and gently float to the ground again, ready to repeat the process once more. On the first floor, you’ll also find a gift shop and an information desk.


As you ascend to the second floor, you’ll meet with a new host of experiences & exhibits. At the Art Studio your children will create all sorts of art with scraps of paper, glue, markers, finger paint, and the like. They can also join in on a group project, painting an 11 foot tall rocket ship! The ‘Building Big’ area has a vast assortment of blankets, crates, barrels, pots, and other materials for building forts, shelters, and lean-tos. As you come to ‘Pedal Power’ you’ll get a tricycle, play stop and go on imaginary roads, and even go through a car wash for your trike, with brushes, hanging strips, and blowing fans!

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Once you reach the third floor you’ll find more than half a dozen more attractions, most of which are also great for children 18 months and younger, in addition to older kids. The Book Loft is a cozy place to read a good story, with group story time twice a day. The Grand Ballroom is a great place to learn about and create chain reactions, with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, and balls that run through channels, tubes, and other contraptions.

In Ian’s Corner toddlers can ride in cars that look like pencils, tubes of toothpaste, and pickles. Youngsters can play in The Market, and go make-believe grocery shopping. Walking through the Noodle Forest is a curious activity, but one that is sure to bring entertainment. Kids can race against each other with little cars at ‘Pit Stop’, or sit and watch on a real motorcycle. Besides these, the third floor also contains a few other attractions and exhibits. For all exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, click here.


The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 4pm, and closed on some holidays. For full details, and special events, check the museum calendar. They are open on some select Mondays.


Admission is $17 for children and adults and $16 for seniors (ages 62+). Children under age 1 are free.

Getting there

The museum can be found at 215 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone number: 602-253-0501
Visit the official website at

You might also be interested in visiting the IDEA Museum in Mesa, another great museum for kids.


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