Chesnutt Park in Scottsdale

Chesnutt Park in Scottsdale is a favorite spot of ours when the weather is warm. Located less than a mile from home, we frequent this spot often. The splash pad is a great place to cool off. There is a water spout as well as water fountains for quick places to cool off.  A little and big kid playground with lots of grass surrounding the place makes for a fun park.

Splash Pad

The spray poles are located behind the playground. Just far enough away that it is it’s own play area, but close enough that all the kids at the park can see the water and want to get wet. There have been times when someone has gone over to get wet and play that I didn’t want my kids to get wet and I’m sure vice versa! There are six poles total, one mushroom waterfall, two squirt up fountains, one mister, and two shower poles.

The fountain style jets stay on for a few minutes at a time. The poles however do not stay on for more than a few seconds. So as a parent of young kids who can’t push the buttons to turn them on, be prepared to get a little wet! Next to the splash pad is a concrete spiral maze for climbing and playing. There is a secret slide if you make it to the middle. Super easy to climb and a fun place to run around while you are wet.

Note, there are seats directly next to the water, however they do not stay dry!


A little and a big kid playground are sitting in sand. Two toddler swings are set back from the big kid swings. The playgrounds are close enough and views are clear enough that is you have kids on both playgrounds you can see them. The big kids playground has three slides, a tunnel and climbing features all with a race car theme. The little kid playground has a small slide, swivel slide, double slide, tunnel, climbing step wall that isn’t too intimidating and easy stairs for climbing up.



Two drop in ramadas with a total of 8 picnic tables for shade as well as numerous other picnic tables throughout the grounds. The shaded ramadas are in between the playground and restrooms. There are picnic benches throughout the park, including a few that are set back from the playground.


Chesnutt Park in Scottsdale features 5 acres, picnic areas, two drop in ramadas, grills, two lighted tennis courts, playground, splash pad and restrooms. All amenities are available when the park is open, unless otherwise noted. There are restrooms available and located conveniently next to the splash pad and ramadas. The park amenities are all first come first serve. If you are planning on having a catered event, inflatables or any specialty item they ask that you call the facility in advance to verify the company’s insurance information.

Getting There

Off Granite Reef just south of Chaparral road you will find this park set back from the road. There are not many parking spots there, only 8 total. First come, first serve.

Chesnutt Park and Splashpad
4565 N. Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Kim is a chef, dishwasher, dry cleaner, housekeeper, landscaper, snack fetcher, photographer and personal assistant to toddler twins. She is on the board for one of the largest Moms of Multiples groups in the nation. She loves exploring everything with her kids and photographing every minute of it. Follow her on Instagram @phoenixwithtwins.

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