Camino A Lago Park in Peoria

Camino A Lago Park in Peoria offers a playground and splash pad, next to a great library as well! This combo can make for a great outing.

This splash pad is just down from the library. What a great way to make a day out of it and head over to the splash pad to get out wiggles after reading. There were 3 spray poles and a few fountains spraying up. The day we visited the water was not flowing much, but I hear it’s usually great. Splash pads are open seasonally from April 15 through October 15. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.



This wood chip playground was great for all ages, as well as shaded! There’s a small climbing structure for little kids. I personally love when the playground incorporates the alphabet and numbers, I can point them out to the kids and get in a little preschool practice. Best part was the little table, the kids had a blast sitting on the chairs and making food out of the wood chips.



The big kid’s playground has a slide, spider web for climbing, monkey bars for playing, and even a hammock for swinging. There are 2 big kid swings and 2 toddler swings, however, they are not shaded.




Camino A Lago Park in Peoria has basketball courts, grass volleyball courts, tennis courts, and a few covered ramadas. This rounds off the park that stretches from the library all the way to the splash pads.


Camino A Lago Park
21111 N 98th Ave
Peoria, AZ 85382

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