Busy Bees Babysitting in Phoenix

Busy Bees Babysitting in Phoenix

Have you ever been stuck with no babysitter? It is hard when you get the dreaded text or phone call. You look down and it reads, “I’m so sorry I forgot. “ “My car broke down.” It usually would happen an hour before the babysitter is supposed to come. Not to worry there is a company buzzing into the valley to help you take care of all your babysitting needs, it’s called Busy Bees.

I was first introduced to Busy Bees in September of 2019. I was referred by a friend of mine because I was looking for a reliable babysitter. My family moved here in 2017 and have no family nearby. I began searching for sitters through various moms groups and neighborhood Facebook pages. I had some great sitters and some that were not as reliable.

Busy Bees is a babysitting service company that helps out local families who need sitters. The company is based on referrals. You need to know someone who uses their service in order to become a member. It starts by downloading the App and putting in the referral code. In a few days you will hear from someone(name). Then there is an over the phone interview process. They want to know who their clients are and they are keeping their babysitters ‘bees’ safe.

After everything checks out you are able to look for a sitter. Everything is done through the app. You can go and select the date and times needed. You can also add special notes for your sitter. After a few times using Busy Bees you can also have an option to choose a sitter that you may prefer. Also, there are some additional added features of the service and the company will go over all the features with you during the phone interview.

We currently call Busy Bees for an occasional date night and are happy with each caring Bee. They are welcoming and friendly with my children. My children are excited to have a sitter that is entertaining. I truly am a happy momma to know my kids are having fun and are safe with their sitter.

To learn more about the Busy Bees Babysitting service you can follow them on Instagram @Busybeesbabysitting or by visiting their website https://busybeesbabysitting.com.

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