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Baby Bear Play Space in Mesa

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead
Baby Bear

Baby Bear Play Space in Mesa is a Montessori style indoor play place in Mesa for ages 0 – 6. It was carefully designed to be a safe space and engaging spot for children under the age of 6 to explore, experiment, build, and imagine. The space has soft play, climbing, pretend play, dress up, a craft table and more!

Baby Bear has lots to entertain kids of all ages. They offer a small house, kitchen, table, dress up play, stage for kids to perform, lots of books, and activity board. You’ll also find Duplo blocks, soft play items for new crawlers, building favorites such as magnetic tiles, and my kids favorite was of course the craft table.

Lots of options to keep the big kids entertained. My six year old had a blast at this table full of games, puzzles and books.

I enjoyed the overall calmness of the space. I would say children 5 and under would enjoy it the most. Also a great space for multiple aged kids.  I also liked that there was no technology in the area.

The kids reviews were as following: Emerlyn says she loved the craft table the most. She liked dressing up and playing house with her friend. William says he loved building a place to climb, “all the science” and that he could make crafts and draw on the chalkboard. They said they loved that they experienced it with friends but would also go back “any time I’m willing to take them”!

Pricing and Information for Baby Bear Play Space in Mesa

 2 Hour Pass start at $15 for one individual $10 for each additional sibling. Non-crawling infants gain free entry with a sibling, up to two adults may enter for free with their child. There is a 15% discount given to WIC/EBT card holders and teachers with a valid ID. We also offer special pricing for homeschool or preschool class field trips, as well as ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Grip socks are required for play. Food allowed at tables in the front but not in the play area.

Save yourself time and sign the waiver here before you go. You can check the current event calendar here.

Baby Bear

1810 South Power Road, Suite 103

Mesa, AZ 85206 

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  • Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

    Kim is a chef, dishwasher, dry cleaner, housekeeper, landscaper, snack fetcher, photographer and personal assistant to toddler twins. Curently homeschooling her three year olds and loving teaching preschool. She loves exploring everything with her kids and photographing every minute of it. Follow her on Instagram @phoenixwithtwins.

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