Aztec Park in Scottsdale

The city of Scottsdale has been very busy remodeling playgrounds and the latest to open is Aztec Park on Frank Lloyd Wright and 100th Street. It immediately goes on the favorites list!


The playground got a remodel completed in February 2020 with all new playground equipment. The big kid style playground has two slides, a rock wall, a music game, car game, monkey bars, a large climbing wall and best of all, a bridge!

Two swings and two toddler swings are available for hours of play.

The climbing structure is incredible. The wire ropes you can climb up were a little too big for my two year olds to attempt alone, but that didn’t stop them. Aimed at ages 5 and up, this climbing structure will provide tons of fun.

This playground was just the right height for two year olds to climb up unassisted. The playground, swings and climbing structure are all in sight of the ramadas. I saw older kids doing homework under the ramadas. This park is not directly on a major road and visibility make this a family friendly place to visit.

Next to the new playgrounds there are sand volleyball courts, full basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields and a soccer field.


There are four drop in ramadas, three located near the playground and one a little further back.


Aztec Park in Scottsdale is located directly next to a school, so right after school lets out, it can be very busy.

This 9 acre park features a newly remodeled playground, drop in ramadas, lighted basketball court, lighted tennis courts, lighted sand volleyball courts with a spray pole, open green fields for baseball and soccer and a restroom. The park is amenities are first come first serve. If you are planning on having a catered event, inflatables or any specialty item they ask that you call the facility in advance to verify the company’s insurance information.

Aztec Park
13636 N. 100th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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