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Avondale Civic Center Library

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

The Avondale Civic Center Library drew us in with a fun challenge for kids called the Community Tracker. You marked off each activity as you did them and took it to the librarian in exchange for a new book. With things like “visit a park” “eat local” “say hi to a neighbor” and “support local” it did not take my family long to complete the tasks.

While we were there we actually did another scavenger hunt for holiday decorations. The kids found most of them and got a surprise from the bag as their reward. Such a fun way to involve kids and teach them the joy of libraries.




There are so many resources in the youth section of this library, it makes it a must-go-to for southwest Phoenix residents. They offer storytimes (virtual and online), classes and so many parent resources.

We had a fun time reading some books in the reading nook, spent a long time coloring pages they had put out for the kids, and even reading some of our favorite books in Spanish. There are numerous tables and sitting areas for kids to sit and work at.






Who wouldn’t want storytime in this room?

Book Sale

There is a room in the front of the library with books and snacks, as well as a separate section in the main library with even more books for sale.

Check Out What’s New

Cultural passes are available for checking out, as well as many services, such as ancestry and science kits.



The Sundial at the Civic Center library was something my kids had not seen, and we are working on the understanding the time of day, so they had a blast trying to figure out how to check the time this way.


Click here for a list of current events going on at the library.

Civic Center Library – 11350 Civic Center Dr, Avondale, AZ 85323

Sam Garcia Western Avenue Library – 495 E. Western Ave. Avondale, AZ 85323

After the library fun, check out Friendship Park or Festival Fields Park nearby!

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