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Arcadia Pediatric Dental delivers high-quality dental care in Scottsdale

Kid-friendly dentists, for ages 0 - 16, accepting PPO & Medicaid (Scottsdale, AZ)

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Arcadia Pediatric Dental delivers high-quality dental care in Scottsdale

At Arcadia Pediatric Dental, they pledge to deliver high-quality dental care in a setting that is both enjoyable and family-friendly.

Recognizing the unique characteristics of children’s mouths compared to adults, the team is committed to ensuring the oral health of their patients from infancy through adolescence.

A Scottsdale-based pediatric dentist

The board-certified pediatric dentists at Arcadia Pediatric Dental, along with their entire staff and office, are focused on creating a fun and comfortable experience for kids, extending from the lobby to the treatment rooms.

Arcadia Pediatric Dental

Arcadia Pediatric Dental provides three types of sedation—nitrous oxide, moderate sedation, and general anesthesia—to maximize the comfort of children during their dental visits.

The mission of Arcadia Pediatric Dental is to contribute to the well-being of children, fostering happy and healthy lives. The team strives to make each trip to the dentist a positive experience, actively encouraging parents to be present during their children’s appointments and treatments. This not only helps parents and children feel more at ease but also facilitates discussions about the child’s oral health, allowing for immediate feedback and personalized recommendations.

Arcadia Pediatric Dental

The waiting room includes:

  • Arcade game consoles
  • A climbing tower
  • Arcade Classics Tabletop

Call to learn more or schedule an evaluation

Those ready to schedule an appointment can contact Arcadia Pediatric Dental at 480-207-5070 or visit their website at

🦷 Kid-friendly dentists

🦷 Ages 0 – 16

🦷 PPO & Medicaid

Book an appointment today by calling (480) 207-5070 or visiting

Arcadia Pediatric Dental
5717 E. Thomas Road, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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