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An easy hike for kids in Phoenix: Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock is one of my favorite places to take friends from out of state, and it’s one of the easiest hikes you’ll ever take the kids on. Before you know it, you’ll be from the parking lot up on the mountain and into the hole in the rock. The mountain is made up of massive sandstone buttes.

We’ve taken kids of all ages, from 1-year olds to teenagers, it’s a perfect hike and not that long of a hike. This is an outdoor activity, so more suited for early morning in the summer, or the winter months.

The location is just north of the Phoenix Zoo inside Papago Park in Phoenix. The hole is huge, and is a natural geological formation. If you’re a resident living in the Phoenix area, you must go here at least once! It only takes 10 minutes to get there from downtown Phoenix.

The path up the mountain is smooth and well maintained. The path wraps around behind the mountain to the entrance to the cave. Their are beautiful views of the Phoenix skyline from inside the cave.

Getting there:
Papago Park
625 North Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Parking is free and is located right next to the trailhead. Follow the signs.

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