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All You Need to Know About Monster Jam, Phoenix Arizona

All You Need to Know About Monster Jam, Phoenix Arizona! We took the kids to Monster Jam at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, and here is all you need to know about this loud and thrilling event!

What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam showcases world-class driver athletes and their huge Monster Trucks tearing up the dirt! The Monster Truck drivers compete in four intense competitions of speed and skill that the audience then rates on a scale of 1-10 determining the winner of each competition!

The Monster Trucks are massive, weighing in at about 12,000 pounds and reaching 12.5 feet tall! So to see these vehicles do such tricks as full backflips and wheelies is absolutely insane! SO NEAT!

With that said, I highly recommend attending the pit party if you can!

We missed the pit party event, and I’m a little sad about it. My kids would have been thrilled to get up close and personal to these oversized and uniquely designed vehicles.

It was incredible to see them from our seats, but it would have been a highlight to get up close to the cars and meet the drivers!

How to Prepare for Monster Jam?

Monster jam can get loud! We recommend bringing noise reduction headphones for the kiddos and earplugs yourself. We grabbed kid’s noise reduction headphones from Amazon.

Consider eating a good meal before Monster Jam; concessions are fun but pretty pricey. For example, our cotton candy that included a fun shark mask, was $20, which is a little more than the movie concession prices, we were expecting.

One luxury we are happy we paid for though, was the VIP parking. You will pay to park at the State Farm Stadium, and general parking is $25; VIP parking is $50. VIP parking allowed for quick entry and easy exit!

We have left other events at the State Farm Stadium that had us in traffic for 45 minutes; we are happy we didn’t have to bother with departure traffic at Monster Jam!

All You Need to Know About Monster Jam, Phoenix Arizona

Who should go to Monster Jam?

My kids were three and five years old when they attended Monster Jam, and I would say that is a good age to take your kids, but it may also suggest waiting a couple more years.

I feel like ages seven to seventy-seven can really enjoy this event!

There is a lot of sitting and watching. My husband best described the event as being similar to a fireworks show, there are many neat things to see during the show, but it isn’t until the finale that you get the most action-packed, high speed, intense tricks!

We figure Monster Jam is structured like that because these trucks are big, and when pushed too hard, parts of the vehicles break, and wheels fall off, which we did see happen! (that was fun)

But the trucks are in an actual competition during the show and can’t perform well with a disabled vehicle, so they save the truck destruction and bigger antics for the end!

Overall, I would say Monster Jam is a great show! Especially if you have a Monster Truck superfan in your life!

The things these drivers can do with these uniquely painted, oversized vehicles is insane!! So Cool and was worth the price tag!

Monster Jam returns often to the Phoenix area, so follow them on social media or check their website regularly for updates.

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Shanelle Kunz is a mama to three young kiddos. Her and her husband Jordan live in and love the Phoenix West Valley. She enjoys adventure, trying new things and making memories. She shares Phoenix West Valley family adventure, date night ideas and small business love on her website https://discoverphoenixwestvalley.com and Instagram @Shanelle.WestValley .

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