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Alamar Park in Avondale

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Alamar Park in Avondale is an amazing new park in the southwest valley! This new community park is designed with families in mind and it shows.

Splash Pad

This simple fountain splash pad spirals through a long path, making it great for lots of kids to play without overcrowding. Nothing fancy to climb on, but just the basic fountains to cool off. There is a shade over one end. Nice to have another West Valley splash pad to add to our splash pad map!

Playground One

There are three different playgrounds at the park – yes three!! I liked that they were positioned with families in mind. If you have one big kid playing baseball or soccer, you could have toddlers playing on the playground or splashing around in the splash pad to keep cool.

Playground Two

My favorite feature of this playground in that it is two levels. There is an upper level for younger kids and a lower level for bigger kids. And a rock wall to climb up to the upper level, and slides to come back down. My kids loved climbing up and over.

There are great climbing and balance structures for the big kids to climb on. A covered ramada is nearby, but no shade over the playground except the small sun shade over one of the playground pieces.

Rock wall to climb up to the next level!

The little kids playground was shaded which was nice. There are 2 swings and one fun climbing structure.

Playground Three

This playground was the last one we stopped at, so we didn’t stay too long because we were getting tired. There is a giant spider web-style climbing structure, spinning seats, and a large spinning seat. Lots of space for playing. This wood chip playground only has one blue shade over the climbing structure.

Dog Park

There are two dog parks next to each other, with parking directly next to them. There is a small and passive dog park and a large and active park. Both had a lot of grass for running as well as shaded ramadas and water fountains.


Two baseball/softball fields, multi-use fields, soccer, tennis, basketball and pickleball courts are available to use!

Fitness Court

You can download an app for this innovative new fitness field, and customize workouts for yourself!


The man-made lake will be stocked with fish from Arizona Game and Fish!

General Park Summary

Alamar Park in Avondale features baseball/softball and multi-use fields, tennis, four pickleball courts, three playgrounds, a lake, a splash pad, an amphitheater, a dog park, and picnic ramadas for everyone to enjoy.

The new park amenities also includes an outdoor Fitness Court® providing residents and visitors safe, free access to the “World’s Best Outdoor Gym” to keep active and stay healthy. There are restrooms located throughout the park.

Alamar Park

4155 South El Mirage Road

Avondale, AZ 85253

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