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Tempe Parks

Our complete guide to Tempe Parks with a complete list of our favourite parks. Filter the map by park amenities to find a park the whole family will love. You will find that each park listing includes additional amenities that are specific to each park. Share it with your friends and be sure to Follow Us on Instagram or Facebook for even more fun ideas.

Kiwanis Park in Tempe

Kiwanis Park in Tempe is one of the largest and best parks in my opinion. It has a little bit of everything for everyone! From

Tempe Library With Kids

Visiting the Tempe Library with kids- the toys are out and storytime is back! Such a great indoor spot to get away from the heat. With the cafe locates inside, you could literally spend an entire day in here!

Snakes and Lattes in Tempe

Snakes and Lattees in Tempe is the largest board game bar and cafe in the state. Do you know who loves board games? Kids. Kids love board games. Possibly because somehow they always win?

Escalante Park in Tempe

Escalante Park in Tempe has a playground and is a fun, sandy place to play, plus a community center nearby.

Papago Park in Phoenix

Papago Park in Phoenix and Tempe, Fun for Families

Papago Park in Phoenix and Tempe is fun for families! It’s an amazing place to explore with kids, with massive red rock buttes dotting the landscape. There are ponds, nature areas, a playground, and more at this popular park!

Doge Haus at Tempe Marketplace

Doge Haus at Tempe Marketplace is a nerf experience like none other. Play with family and friends in this large, specially designed playing field with plenty of places to dodge, hide, and plan your next attack!

Jaycee Park in Tempe

We needed to cool off a little while we were in Tempe recently and decided to stop by and check out Jaycee Park in Tempe. There is lots to do, but very little shade at the park.

Hudson Park in Tempe

Hudson Park in Tempe is a great place to play and cool off! This park is located near Apache and Rural and offers a fun play day of climbing, skating, walking, and splashing.

Donut Boat Rental on Tempe Town Lake

My friend recently tried out a Donut Boat rental on Tempe Town Lake and had such a fun time! This Arizona weather is perfect for water activities, so I thought I would share this with everyone. “The donut boat ride was awesome! It holds up to 10 people. Although it was super shaded for us with the umbrella there are times that parts of the boat were sunny so wear sunscreen.”

Splash Pad at The Watermark in Tempe

The splash pad at The Watermark in Tempe is a little known place for the kiddos to cool off, set among numerous restaurants and a view of Tempe Town Lake. We were so tickled to find this new to us location, thanks to a Phoenix With Kids follower!

North Shore Beach in Tempe

North Shore Beach in Tempe is about the closest Phoenix kids can get to water and sand. Yes, this little beach has sand! The water in Tempe Town Lake is not clean at all, but this stop makes for a simple, fun outing with great views of downtown Tempe!

Petersen Park in Tempe

Petersen Park in Tempe is a 2021 remodeled playground on the corner of Priest and Southern, and is a great addition to Tempe Parks. The farm themed park is aimed at children 10 and under. The rubber ground and all the little details were done so nicely!

Best Splash Pads in Tempe

The best splash pads in Tempe have quite a variety of features, from the epic location at Kiwanis Park, to small neighborhood offerings. All locations

Esquer Park and Splash Pad in Tempe

Esquer Park and splash pad in Tempe has something for everyone. From skate park to splash pad, play some basketball, enjoy the playground, or run

LoPiano Bosque Habitat in Tempe

LoPiano Bosque Habitat in Tempe is a hidden gem that we randomly stumbled upon this past month. We love nature areas, and thought we had discovered all those that existed in the Phoenix area. Apparently we missed this one! We spent almost 3 hours here exploring and enjoying the habitat, and nearby Papago Park.

Selleh Park in Tempe

Selleh Park in Tempe is a small neighborhood park with a few amenities. To those who grew up in Tempe, the name Selleh may remind you of Selleh Sporting Goods, the place you would shop for PE clothes, sporting goods and other sports equipment. Joe Selleh, the owner was big on helping youth improve their quality of life.
Tempe dediated the park to him in his honor in 1972. The playground features a swing for two, teeter-tooter, swing, slides, playground structure and large climbing rope structure.

Mermaids at SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe

The mermaids are back at SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe! This limited time event adds magic and beauty to the already exciting experience at SeaLife. Meet a mermaid, watch a mermaid swim, and enjoy mermaid themed activities all with one admission price!

LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique in Tempe

LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique in Tempe offers visitors young and old the chance to play and cuddle with furry felines in a relaxed atmosphere. There are around 15 cats roaming the cafe, and they are all adoptable, except the mascot, Charlie Chaplin.

World of Illumination in Glendale and Tempe

I love how the holiday season brings so many fun events to the valley! Over the weekend, we took in World of Illumination’s new Glendale location drive-through light show. We attended this event twice last year (both their previous North Phoenix location, as well as their Tempe location) and it was a hit. The concept is an immersive light show experience, synchronized to music, and it can be enjoyed without having the leave the comfort of your vehicle. It is a good alternative to Glendale Glitters or Zoolights if you want to avoid walking through crowds of people, especially if you have small children or elderly relatives with mobility issues.

Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe

Last summer we opted to try a season pass to Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe. Our kids were almost 7 and 3 at the time, with our oldest able to swim and interested in trying water slides. Big Surf was affordable and gave our family some fun memories that summer!

The Scene in Tempe

The Scene is a pop up event full of color and unique art experiences that will delight children, and bring out the smiles in adults

The Scene in Tempe

The Scene in Tempe, Arizona

The Scene is a pop up event full of color and unique art experiences that will delight children, and bring out the smiles in adults

SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe, AZ

SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe, AZ

SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe is a wonderful aquarium inside the Arizona Mills Mall. It’s especially good for kids under 8, as most of the tanks

Kiwanis Park Splashpad in Tempe

Kiwanis Park in Tempe recently added a fabulous splashpad to their grounds and it’s one of the best in Phoenix! The city did an excellent

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