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Paqua Park at Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Paqua Park at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Summer in Arizona usually means 6 months out of the year with temperatures over 100. It can be brutal so we love to find activities that get us outdoors near the water to stay cool. This weekend we had the opportunity to check out Paqua Park, a 5,000-square-foot inflatable obstacle course, located at the Scorpion Bay Marina on the west side of the lake. Think jumbo bouncy houses and slides directly on the water with a touch of “Wipeout” mixed in. My preteen and teens took the course for a spin and had an absolute blast!

Lake Pleasant Cruises With Kids

Want to explore Lake Pleasant, but not sure how? Start by taking a family friendly cruise with Lake Pleasant Cruises. This 90 minute boat ride will take you about 10 miles around this popular Phoenix area lake, and offers possible sightings of wildlife (we saw blue herons and wild burros!), plus interesting facts about the lake and area.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park: A Maricopa County Park

Lake Pleasant Regional Park is a Maricopa County Park and located in Morristown, Arizona, about an hour north of Phoenix. Lake Pleasant is a “man-made lake” or an artificial reservoir nestled in the Sonoran Desert Wilderness. It has over 23,000 acres of water, aka it’s a fairly large lake that offers boating, swimming, cliff jumping, kayaking, fishing, and even scuba diving!

Things to Do at Lake Pleasant

Situated about an hour north of the valley, Lake Pleasant is the largest lake in the metropolitan Phoenix area. This artificial lake was created by a dam in the 1960s. Then, in the 1990s the lake was doubled in size and is now a superb boating and fishing destination.

Best Arizona Lakes For Swimming

Best Arizona lakes for Swimming. There are some great swimming lakes in Arizona, and a nice handful are near Phoenix! Take the family out to explore this summer, and make some memories. And always research before you go, as closures, prices increases, or other changes can happen.

Hidden Lake in Buckeye

Take the family to Hidden Lake in Buckeye this summer and enjoy the super cool inflatable obstacle course on the lake!

Learn to sail at Tempe Town Lake

Have your kids ever wanted to learn to sail? If so, you may be interested in the sailing classes offered by the Arizona Sailing Foundation.

Best Fall Events in Phoenix With Kids

The best fall events in Phoenix with kids can be found right here! We have dozens of options all around the Valley, plus some options around Arizona. Listings are alphabetically by city for the Phoenix Metro area.

Fall Break in Phoenix With Kids

Fall Break in Phoenix With Kids. Fall Break is here, and if you need ideas, we’ve got you covered! More details about these options can be found using the links below.

Go Glamping RV Rentals in Phoenix

The thought of renting an RV and glamping at a lake sounded amazing to me. The thought of towing an RV, setting it up, and getting everything hooked up with kids running around sounded too stressful. That’s when I discovered Go Glamping RV Rentals!

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Tamie Cosman

Tamie Cosman Tamie Cosman 1. Tell us about yourself Hi there! I’m Tamie! My most important job on this earth is being a mom to

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: West Valley Edition

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: West Valley Edition. We’re excited to launch a mini-series of posts covering kid friendly hikes to enjoy – and a different area each week. (Upcoming in the series: City of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and East Valley.) Bookmark this post for reference and share with your West Valley friends!



Your #1 Source For Things To Do In Phoenix! Events Day Trips Latest posts Hikes 400+ Things To Do in Phoenix With Kids Scroll or

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix. Opt outside this winter break and explore some Phoenix hikes with the kids! Our list of favorites are below.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Our extensive FAQ to living in Phoenix What can I expect from life in Phoenix, Arizona? If you’re coming from the midwest or the

Table Mesa Road and the Agua Fria River

Table Mesa Road and the Agua Fria River. If you’re looking for an out of the way water adventure, there’s a great spot off Table Mesa Road, with access to the Agua Fria River! We spent about three hours enjoying the refreshing water of the river.

Still 10 More Best Parks in Phoenix

Our popular blog posts, 10 Best Parks in Phoenix, and 10 More Best Parks in Phoenix, has expanded! We’re excited to have more favorites to recommend to our readers. Who doesn’t love a good park? Of course, the definition of a good park can vary, but for us here at Phoenix With Kids, this means an engaging and safe playground, space to run around, and usually restrooms as well. The Phoenix Metro area is home to some amazing playgrounds, and were excited to share this new list of 10 favorites for you to explore!

Paloma Community Park in Peoria

Paloma Community Park in North Peoria opened last month and is definitely worth a visit! This park is amazing. The kids didn’t want to leave! The highlight is a three story climbing structure with three slides, but there is so much more to enjoy.

Things to Do in Phoenix With Teens

Let’s face it, teens today are around technology constantly. In our home, we are always working as a family to lower screen time and it can be quite a challenge, especially with preteens and teens. There are endless apps and games to keep them from feeling a drop of boredom, their friends are just a click away, and – especially in 2020 – most of their school is all wrapped around staring at a screen. It puts them into a zombie-like trance that can be hard to break, but we know how important it is to turn off those devices and do things together! With the help of my own teens, I’ve put together a list of 10 fun things families can do together right here in the valley.

Best Splash Pads in Peoria

There are some great splash pads in the West Valley, and a few of the best splash pads are in Peoria! Splash pads are the perfect way to stay cool in the Phoenix summers, and some locations include playgrounds as well. All

10 Summer Day Trips from Phoenix With Kids

By the end of June, the temps are insufferable and everyone is looking for ideas to get out town. Thankfully, there are numerous options! Here is a list of 10 summer day trips from Phoenix with kids. Many of these can easily be stretched into a weekend itinerary, or combine with other activities. Whether you’re looking for a 8 day excursion, or Saturday-Sunday family adventure, be assured there are options for all ages, and for all budgets.

Fountain Hills

A Day in Fountain Hills With Kids

A Day in Fountain Hills With Kids Fountain Hills is about 20 minutes from Scottsdale, and a great day trip option. Day trips from Phoenix

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