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Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: East Valley Edition

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: East Valley Edition. We’re excited to launch a mini-series of posts covering kid-friendly hikes to enjoy – and a different area each week. (Part posts in this series can be found under hikes in the City of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and West Valley.)

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: Scottsdale Edition

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: Scottsdale Edition. We’re excited to launch a mini-series of posts covering kid-friendly hikes to enjoy – and a different area each week. This post has all the best hikes in Scottsdale PLUS Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills. Hiking is a great way to soak up this beautiful winter weather, explore the desert, and get exercise as a family!

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: City of Phoenix Edition

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: City of Phoenix Edition. We’re excited to launch a mini-series of posts covering kid-friendly hikes to enjoy – and a different area each week. This post has all the best hikes in the City of Phoenix area. Check it out!

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: West Valley Edition

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix: West Valley Edition. We’re excited to launch a mini-series of posts covering kid friendly hikes to enjoy – and a different area each week. (Upcoming in the series: City of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and East Valley.) Bookmark this post for reference and share with your West Valley friends!

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix

Best Hikes for Kids in Phoenix. Opt outside this winter break and explore some Phoenix hikes with the kids! Our list of favorites are below.

Joshua Tree National Park With Kids

Looking to get the kids out into nature without venturing too far from home in Phoenix? Joshua Tree National Park makes for the perfect family-friendly weekend trip! Located just 5-6 hours away by car, this unique desert landscape offers scenic beauty and fun adventures little ones and grown-ups alike will enjoy. 

Things to Do in Kanab Utah With Kids

Surrounded by slot canyons, hoodoos, caves, and National Parks, Kanab is a perfect spot for a road trip getaway from the Phoenix area. Located in Southern Utah, this small town is about 5 ½ hours from Phoenix, and the gateway to SO many awesome experiences and places to explore. With summer almost behind us, the time for Fall getaways is approaching!

Hiking Water Wheel Falls near Payson with Kids

Water Wheel Falls near Payson, AZ has been on our list for awhile. It did not disappoint! This 1.6 mile out and back trail follows a creek, to an amazing swimming hole with a gorgeous waterfall.

Tips and Tricks for Hiking in Phoenix With Kids

We love hiking in Phoenix with our kids! Did you know there’s a seasonal waterfall you can enjoy? Streams to play in? Or what about the popular Hole in the Rock? But let’s face it, hiking with kids is never easy. Even a mile trail can seem an eternity for little legs. Nature may call, and hearts may answer – so how do you get the body to follow? We currently have three children, ages 9, 5, and 20 months and have been hiking since our oldest was a few years ago. We are definitely not experts, or 5 milers! We do, however, enjoy a few miles of hiking trails with our kids and here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.

Camelback Mountain

Hiking Camelback Mountain With Kids

It’s been on our bucket list and finally happened: hiking the iconic Camelback Mountain! It was so rewarding. We were sore for a couple days afterwards, but the sense of accomplishment made it worth it.

Beyond Hikes and Parks: 10 Outdoor Activities for Kids in Phoenix

Park visits and hiking are IN right now – but what other outdoor activities are there for the kiddos? Here’s a list of our top 10 favorites! There are u-pick farms, opportunities to learn about local history, an outdoor museum, watching airplanes, and more!

Hiking the White Tank Waterfall Trail With Kids

Hiking the White Tank Waterfall Trail with kids is a short and sweet adventure with a fun reward: a seasonal waterfall! Even if there isn’t a waterfall, the scenery is beautiful and there are hieroglyphics along the way. This hike is on our top 10 favorites for kids in Phoenix!

Things to do in Georgetown with Kids

Located about an hour west of Denver, Georgetown offers a fun variety of things to do with kids! Full of history and some old time charm, plus views that are reminiscent of Europe, it’s also a good home base for exploring nearby cities and attractions. We stayed five days, coming from a week long stay in Durango. Read on to learn what our family loved in and around Georgetown!

10 Summer Day Trips from Phoenix With Kids

By the end of June, the temps are insufferable and everyone is looking for ideas to get out town. Thankfully, there are numerous options! Here is a list of 10 summer day trips from Phoenix with kids. Many of these can easily be stretched into a weekend itinerary, or combine with other activities. Whether you’re looking for a 8 day excursion, or Saturday-Sunday family adventure, be assured there are options for all ages, and for all budgets.

12 Things to Do in Payson With Kids

Payson, AZ is about a 2hr drive from Phoenix and offers pine trees and cool temps, with endless hiking or camping options. It’s a popular weekend destination, especially in the summer! You can’t go wrong with a day trip too, although we’re pretty sure you’ll find Payson such a nice reprieve from Phoenix weather that you’ll want to stay a few days.

Exploring Southern Arizona With Kids

NOTE: this blog post was originally published when traveling is being restricted due to COVID19. We are not advocating traveling at this time, but rather publishing information that can be used at a later date. Plan now, travel later!

Our family travels a lot! In fact, this summer we will hit 50/50 states with our two oldest kids, so we have it on pretty good authority to say that we think Arizona is one of the most beautiful and diverse states of the bunch. It’s one of the reasons why it will always be home to us. You can go from a desert full of saguaros, to red rocks vistas, to dense pine tree forests in a single day! The road trip possibilities are endless!

Beyond Phoenix with Kids

We love Arizona! And we love traveling. In the spirit of our original intent for this website (sharing lists), we decided to start a page

Phoenix With Kids


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Holbert Trail in Phoenix

Holbert Trail in Phoenix. This trail offers a steady climb to the upper areas of South Mountain Park. Hike the extension trail that leads to

Brown’s Ranch Trail in Scottsdale

We joined some friends this past month to hike Brown’s Ranch Trail in Scottsdale. The weather was perfect; this time of year in Phoenix is the best for hiking.


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Crescent Moon Picnic Site in Sedona

Crescent Moon Picnic Site is one of the best places to view Sedona’s beautiful red rocks. It is also the location where photographers go to get the iconic photos of the red rocks with the stream in the photo.

Temporary Homeschooling and How to Make it Work

If you find yourself in the position of temporary homeschooling, due to the recent Coronavirus or other changes in circumstances, you may be wondering how to make it work. This blog post is for you! As a current homeschooling mama (with ages 8, 5, and 13 months), plus being homeschooled myself, I want to welcome you to the life of learning with your kids, and hopefully give some ideas about how to make it fun and successful.

Beginners Edge Sports Training or B.E.S.T. in Phoenix

Beginners Edge Sports Training (or B.E.S.T) in Phoenix is an Arizona family owned and operated sports training program. They have classes and locations all over the Valley! Kids as young as 16 months, all the way up to age 12 can participate in their co-ed weekly classes of soccer, baseball, football, golf, tennis, and more.

Fall in Arizona

Fall family fun in Phoenix

Your free PDF can be downloaded here: Download Fall Bucket List PDF We hope you enjoy exploring Phoenix and the surrounding area during this fall

Tonto National Monument

One of my favorite places to take family and friends when they visit is Tonto National Monument. With a drive-time of a little less than two hours from Phoenix, it’s an easy day trip when you want to see a bit of history and the Sonoran Desert.

West Fork Trail in Sedona

West Fork Trail in Sedona is one of my favorite hikes. It is located just north of Sedona in the red rocks and is accessible by car. It’s insanely popular, and one of the best hikes in the state.

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