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5 Tips for Visiting Candytopia in Scottsdale with Kids

5 Tips for Visiting Candytopia in Scottsdale with Kids

Candytopia is the newest pop up art experience to visit Scottsdale and one that just might exceed your expectations. It’s more than a candy store. And more than an art tour. It’s a hands on experience that engages your senses through touch, taste, sound and sight! It’s a modern day Candyland mixed with Willy Wonka come to life!

What is Candytopia? You’ll find nine themed rooms with candy samples and unique art. Sometimes the art is on the wall, and sometimes as sculptures. All of it is in the form of candy! Other unique art appears in the form of swings or confetti, giant balls or a huge marshmallow pit you can fall in to! Signs are next to each piece of art, telling how many candies were used and how many hours spent to make the item. We took a media tour before the grand opening and enjoyed it more then we anticipated. It’s vibrant and definitely appealing to both adults and children. You can view our short YouTube video summary here:

Here are our 5 tips for visiting Candytopia in Scottsdale with kids.

  1. Visit during the week vs. weekend! Even with the timed ticket entries, crowds are less Monday-Thursday than Friday-Sunday. This could be a better time to visit with children. And it might allow just a few more minutes in each room for enjoyment (and photo taking).
  2. Bring a little baggie for candy – you’ll receive 9 candy samples as you tour Candytopia. Sometimes multiple of each candy. That’s a lot for a kid to juggle, even if you taste as you go! Bringing a small baggie to hold the goods will be helpful. (We suggested this to an employee when we took our tour, so hopefully Candytopia offers this themselves soon.)
  3. Less is best – while you’re welcome to bring diaper bags and strollers in to Candytopia, it’ll be easier to enjoy the experience if you’re not weighted down. Same with water bottles or shopping bags. We toured with our 8 month old in a baby carrier, and mom just brought her wrist wallet.
  4. Download the app before you go – Candytopia utilizes their special, free app for some fun photo ops! Download “Candytopia” before arriving, and under the “Sugar Rush” tab, sign up for a free account. Then you’re set to go at any of the four stations! An employee will help you. Photos are automatically emailed to you.
  5. Touch, don’t taste – there will be candy all around you, and kids will love it! Touching is allowed! It’s so fun. I mean, what’s not to love about touching a 6 foot dragon made entirely out of candy? Or portraits of famous celebrities made from jellybeans? Just remind kiddos to only taste the candy they gather from the treasure bins, and not to sit on the sculptures.

Candytopia will be in Scottsdale until March 1, 2020! Admission prices are $28/adult, $20/children ages 4-12 (3 and under are free). The tour takes about an 60-80 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at www.candytopia.com . Parking is free and there are several parking garages at Scottsdale Quarter.


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Jana is a homeschooling mother of three children, and lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Chris. She enjoys traveling, reading and coffee. Follow @phoenixwithkids on Instagram for daily photos around Phoenix!

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